Fourth Generation

57. John Wesley O'Kelley was born in 1826 but his birth to Rev James O'Kelley isn't yet proven.

John Wesley O'Kelley and Rebecca Montgomery were married on 7 October 1852 in HALL CO GA.. Rebecca Montgomery was born on 3 June 1830 in HALL CO GA.. Sister to Elizabeth Montgomery wife of William W O'Kelley.

John Wesley O'Kelley is the ancestor of Ronnie L O'Kelley who has completed a DNA test which indicates that Thomas and Charles may have been cousins and not brothers but Ronnie's test was a 37 marker test so it is very possible that should he complete a 67 marker test in the future that those results may tell a different story.   A 37 marker test can provide family relations which it did, his results compared to mine indicate we share a common male ancestor in the past 250 to 300 years but a 67 or 111 marker test can further enhance the matches and narrow that time even more and that could move our shared ancestor into the 200 year area which would indicate that Thomas and Charles were likely to have been brothers.  

Some think John Wesley was the grandson of Thomas via his son Rev James O'Kelley but Ronnie's 36/37 DNA results suggest that isn't possible.  I think John Wesley O'Kelley was likely the grandson of Rev James O'Kelly