Third Generation

26. Thomas Dean O'Kelley was born abt 1788. He served in the military 1 REG'T (HARRIS'), GEORGIA MILITIA. in 1812 in GA.38 He appeared in the census in 1840 in District 666 Habersham GA.39 Thomas appeared in the census in 1820 in Madison Co, GA.

Thomas Dean O'Kelley and unknown were married. Georgia Marriages makes the claim he married Sarah Stamps Nov 8 1826 but she married Francis Dean O'Kelley (not the below Rev Francis Dean) on that date, proven by two early family bibles.  The 1820 US Census supports that Thomas married likely about 1810 and they had more children than the below Rev Francis Dean O'Kelley.  His widowed mother appears to be living with him in 1820 alone with some of his younger siblings.

So why is their a record that claims Thomas Dean Married Sarah Stamps and on the same day she married Francis Dean O'Kelley?  Francis had a younger brother who I suspect was his best man and witness and when the research was done to publish the Georgia Marriage book, I suspect an error was made and the witness, Thomas Dean O'Kelley was mistakenly given as the husband of Sarah Stamps or there were two Sarah Stamps, perhaps 1st cousins and one married Thomas the other Francis on the same day and maybe at the same time.

My opinion seems supported by the naming of the daughters of the below Rev Francis Dean O'Kelley was born ten years before the marriage record of Thomas Dean and Sarah Stamps yet none of Francis Deans's daughters are named Sarah.  If I were to guess, since Francis named his first three daughters Nancy, Martha, or Mary it is likely one of those names was the name of Thomas's wife.  I suspect he name was Mary and Mary Elizabeth was named for Francis mother and grandmother not uncommon in that time.

Thomas Dean O'Kelley and Sarah Stamps had the following children:



Rev Francis Dean O'Kelley.