Seventh Generation

1018. Joseph Fred O'Kelly was born on 26 October 1924.

Joseph Fred O'Kelly and Dorthy ALENE Parrish were married on 7 May 1949. Dorthy ALENE Parrish was born in April 1927 in Poinsett Co. Ark.

Served in the 13th Airborne Division during WWII and author of the book about James Stamps O'Kelley and his descendents.  The DNA results of a descendent of Thomas, descendent of Charles and a descendent of Benjamin prove that these three men were not brothers but cousins.  Thomas and Charles were likely 1st, 2nd, or 3rd cousins and Benjamin was likely their 6th, 7th or 8th cousins.  Because these 3 men did not have the same mother and because Charles names his first born daughter Elizabeth Dean O'Kelley it seems likely that Elizabeth Dean was the mother of Charles but not the mother of Thomas and Benjamin.  Elizabeth Dean's husband the father of Charles may have been William Dennis O'Kelley or he may have been James O'Kelley.  I suspect the reason the name Thomas Dean runs in the line of Thomas is because his mother was likely Nancy Dean. The name of Benjamin's parents is still unknown but because names ran in the Irish families his parents could have been a different James O'Kelley and Nancy aka Anna Dean.  

Joseph Fred O'Kelly and Dorthy ALENE Parrish had the following children:



Mark Edwin O'Kelly was born on 13 April 1955.



Jeffry Alan O'Kelly was born on 4 July 1957.