24th Generation

101. Tadhg Ua Ceallaigh1,8 of Tailtean (Co Meath) died Killed in the Battle of the Conors in 1180 in Co Galway Ireland.1

Teige, of Talten appears at #110 in Dr John O'Hart's Irish Pedigree Part VII Page 366.    Tailteann is not a common name of a place in Ireland.  In the time of this Teige I have found only one, the Royal Palace of Tailteann, certainly a place for a King and it is the place of the "Tailteann Games" the Irish Olympics.  Was Teige an O'Kelley of Bregia?  This creates doubts that Donal at #111 could be the son of Teige if Donal is the start of the line of O'Kelly at Roscommon.

At #105  appears Teige King of Hy-Maine who was slain at the Battle of Clontarf in 1014.   The assumption has always been that Teige came from west as it was always assumed that Hy-Many was seated in Co Roscommon but if the Kingdom of Hy-Maine extended from the east coast of Ireland to west coast in Teige Mor O'Kellys lifetime, he likely lived in the east, he could have lived at Tailteann.  He and his great grandfather Ceallach from which the surname "O'Kelley" came may have been O'Kelley of Bregia but I have found no method to determine this but I think there is room to doubt as Irish researcher Michael O'Laughlin writes the following in his book:


Tadhg Ua Ceallaigh of Tailtean had the following children:



Domnhall Mor Ó Ceallaigh.  The first King of Hy Maine to come from the O'Kellys seated in the Province of Connaught Ireland.