George Crowder
George Crowder and his twin brother Richard were born Oct 3 1727 as recorded in the Bristol Parish Vestry Records for Prince George Co Virginia.  It seems certain that the Crowders and the O'Kelleys lived near each other and Mary and Delilah came to know Charles and Francis O'Kelley the men these women married.  My belief is supported by the finding also in the Bristol Parish Vestry Records for Prince George Co on page 327 the birth of Mary Kelly Sept 22 1725 to William and Sarah Kelly who I suspect were the grandparents of Charles and Francis O'Kelley.  A Thomas Dean who is likely the father of Elizabeth Dean the mother of Charles and Francis O'Kelley is found in the land records in neighboring Surry Co where on Feb 22 1724 he received 100 acres.  The use of "Thomas Dean O'Kelley" appears often in the descendants.

Some claim that George Crowder married Mary Branch.  I have found no method to confirm this claim but the Branchs are the maternal grandparents of President Thomas Jefferson and Judith Jefferson married a George Farrah and their son, John Farrah is listed as a substitute on the Mecklenburg Co Militia Roster for Charles Kelley which could be some indication of kinship. 

George Crowder made his mark on his will and other documents so we might conclude that he didn't know how to read and write but according to Harold B Gill Literacy in Virginia it wasn't uncommon for rural children to be taught to read but not taught to write so it is possible that George knew how to read but didn't know how to write.

George Crowder married Mary Branch and they had the following children:



  Elizabeth "Betsey" Crowder



  Richard Crowder b 1751



  Thomas Crowder b 1753



  Sarah Crowder b 1755



  Mary "Polly" Crowder b 1757  Married Charles O'Kelley



  Delilah Crowder b 1765  Married Francis O'Kelley



  George Crowder b 1767



  Francis Crowder b 1769 Married John Kelley