John Wesley O'Kelley
John Wesley O'Kelley the ancestor of Ronnie L O'Kelley was said to have been born in 1826 and married Rebecca Montgomery (born June 3, 1830) in Hall Co GA Oct 7, 1852.  Rebecca was the sister of Elizabeth Montgomery born Dec 1 1833 Hall Co GA and who married William Wiers O'Kelley the son of Rev John P O'Kelley who was the son of Thomas Dean O'Kelley

DNA indicates that Thomas Dean O'Kelley and Charles Dean O'Kelley were not brothers and were likely uncle and nephew but might be 2nd cousins.  The possibility that Thomas Dean O'Kelley and the famed Rev James O'Kelly who founded the Christian Church may have been bothers or at least nephew and uncle can be found in the book titled "Lives of Christian ministers: over two hundred memoirs" by Peter Jeferson Kernolde P 1909 where the author claims that Rev James O'Kelly was the ancestor of Thomas Dean O'Kelley's sons Rev James O'Kelley, Rev John P O'Kelley and grandson Rev Francis Dean O'Kelley

So who was the father of John Wesley O'Kelley?  No documents or pedigrees exists but some researchers think John Wesley O'Kelley was the son of Rev James O'Kelley who was the son of Thomas Dean O'Kelley.  One traceable descendent of Thomas Dean O'Kelley DNA results of Ronnie indicates that Ronnie may have descended from Thomas Dean.

Note: while the name Wires most often appears as Wyers, in the Irish Gaelic there was no Y so Wiers would have been a correct very early spelling and Wyers would be the more modern form.