Elizabeth Dean(e)

Elizabeth Dean(e) was likely born about 1735 to 1738 but may have been born several years later as it seems she had children well into the 1770s and I believed she is the Elizabeth O'Kelley from Oglethorpe Co Ga who won a Georgia Land Lottery in 1828.  I suspect Thomas Dean(e) was the name of her father and he is the source of Thomas Dean O'Kelley that appears so often in our early family. I believe she was the second wife of James O'Kelley and she was widowed when he died at the Battle of Brandywine Sept 11 1777.  I believe he is buried in a West Chester Cemetery PA.   In the time she lived daughters were often treated not that much differently than a prize cow, they were married to men who brought power and wealth to their father's family so it is not possible to know what Elizabeth Dean's life may have been like. 

I suspect that Elizabeth Dean was the daughter of the Thomas Dean who received on Feb 22 1724 a 100 acre land grant in Surry Co Virginia on the South side of Nottaway River; beginning and extending on the south side of the Rochey Run, a corner of Charles Dunkins land and I have included a copy of his grant to the right but a Thomas Dean also received 97 acres land grant on the north side of Sonya branch on the great branch of Joseph's Swamp Feb 21 1711 in the the next door Prince George Co and his land is used as a property boundary in 1719.  These two men could be the same Thomas Dean but I think it is likely one of these two men was the father of Elizabeth Dean as Prince George County is the place that George Crowder and his daughters, Mary and Delilah who became Elizabeth's Dean's daughter-in-laws lived before moving to Mecklenburg Co. It is likely Charles and Francis married the Crower woman because they lived near them and knew them for a period of time.

Nothing is known about Elizabeth Dean but I think because her son Charles and his wife Mary named the first America born granddaughter Elizabeth (Betsy) Dean Kelley that it is certain that was her name.  Because Thomas Dean, Francis Dean, and Charles Dean appear as names in her descendents I think it is certain these names originated from her family but could be given names that appeared in both the paternal and maternal side of the family.  I also think she was James O'Kelleys second wife and her older sister Nancy Dean, known as Anna was James O'Kelley's first wife.